Busy Party Days

Since you last heard from us we've been in Marigot Bay and Rodney Bay in St Lucia and have now arrived in Guadeloupe. We arrived in Marigot Bay sunday afternoon and decided to take a moring bouy. At the arrival we celebrated with Sangria. That was lovely! The evening continued with some locals in a karaoke bar. Luckily for us, and the locals, they closed down the karaoke session before we had drunken enough rum drinks to have the courage to sing out loud in public. In the morning we decided to leave Marigot Bay early since no cooling winds could reach us inside the bay. By that time I was starting to learn that there is always at least one more thing to do before taking off. This time it was me who delayed us since I had realised that I hade made a mistake when booking my flight to New York and had to fix it. It all turned out to the best though, we will be able to stay one more day in Guadelope instead of rushing to Antigua and I will not have to do one more night of sailing and seasickness. When we finally left Marigot Bay we had to take a swim as soon as we got out of sight from the boat boys. In Rodney Bay we weren’t greeted by the usual bunch of boat boys. Instead a Scandinavian looking American greeted us with the phrase “Are you the four Swedish girls that I’ve heard a roomer about?”. We ended up having a drink with him and found three more guys which wanted to have dinner with us. For two nights we had great company by a mix of guys from US, Spain, Italy, Britain and France. We hade rum dinks, barbecue and baileys on big and fancy boats. We also had a tour on the boat previously called Great Britain II, nowadays Whitbread Heritage. Overall, it was some great days and nights in Rodney Bay. The Captain and First Mate walked down memory lane and pointed out docks and other memorable places from when they reached Rodney Bay after finishing the ARC. Sadly, they realized only hours before we had planned to leave St Lucia that they had missed some dear friends. We left St Lucia in the early morning after we had redone the math on when we had to leave in order to arrive in Guadeloupe in day light. We have now sailed 34 hours and recently arrived in Guadeloupe. Both me and Deckhand Cecilia have had our own watches during the days and I have been feeling a bit better thanks to calm winds, sea bands an seasickness pills. To finish this story telling off I can tell you that just before we arrived in Guadeloupe we stopped the engine and took a swim and it felt cold in the water, it was 30 degrees Celsius!

Lots of love / Deckhand Jane

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bra jobbat Jane! Jag tänker på när vi gick över Vättern och har undrat hur det skulle gå för dig på Cantare i karibien. Att ni alla har haft kul på land, kunde man ju räkna ut ;) Helena

  2. Unknown Says:

    ahh... cantare... clear waters and good wind to you girls, wish you all the best. may we meet again some day!!
    your scandinavian/american ;)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    kul o höra av dig Jane och ja, vi förstår att ni har det bra. ni simmar i 30 gradigt vatten och jag har åkt skidor nere vid råbocka och ut i hela sibirien skogen.
    ha de gott o meddela gärna om du har telefon eller inte. kram dina föräldrar, Janni o Janne