Sofias's 25th Birthday!

Today we are celebrating Sofia's birthday here in English Harbour, Antigua. You are all welcome to join us tonight at Abracadabra! If not send her greetings on our satellite phone since here mobile has started to act like our last fridge (badly). If you want to come by and say happy birthday, Cantare is anchored in Freeman Bay decorated with balloons and easily spotted among our Norwegian friends. /Captain Maria

P.S. Message to the Royal Navy Sailors in the hot hot Gulf; thank's for the greeting! D.S

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  1. Adrian Says:

    Happy Birthday First Mate a quarter of a Centuary gone and many happy years ahead.

  2. Helena o Anders Says:

    Vi Gratulerar... vi gratulerar Sofia i dag. ( Tur för dej att du inte kan höra sången )
    Jätte Grattis o ha det riktigt bra!
    Helena o Anders

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Grattis på 25-årsdagen!(och ta det lugnt ikväll - om du kan!)
    önskar fam Helgesson i ett kallt och snöigt Humlarp.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Grattis säger Eva

  5. Petter Says:

    Stort grattis på födelsedagen!

  6. Magnus Says:

    Happy birthday! Thanks for inviting me to the celebration, Sofia, I hope you enyoyed the evening. I thought it was great fun with all the nice people!

    Magnus from Matilda (link to my blog attached above)

  7. Hubert Mayr Says:

    Just: happy birthday Sofia

  8. Harding Says:

    Tillykke med frødselsdagen fra B-31 Klubben

  9. First Mate Says:

    Tack så hemskt mycket allesammans!