Climbing or Drinking the Pitons, that is the Question.

Yesterday was devoted to the theme of the Pitons. However, the four of us decided to interpret the theme little differently. In order to give you readers a little background the Pitons are two volcanic mountains, the Gros Piton (771 m) and the Petit Piton (743 m) which beautifully rise up next to the little village called Soufrière in St Lucia. I have been talking about climbing these mountains since we entered the Carribean and ever since Maria has claimed that when I would be climbing she would take care of the other Piton, namely the local St Lucian beer called Piton. And indeed she did, but at first both Maria and Jane joined me and Cecilia a quarter of the steep climb towards the top. Yeah, the climb up the Petit Piton was a lot steeper than we imagined. At first we thought we could climb the mountain our own but on the way there a local Rasta man called Pascal insisted on guiding us even though we explained to him we wouldn’t afford paying him as much as the passengers from the cruise liners can. Thanks Pascal for guiding us, without you we would never have made it! When Maria and Jane left us for the little more refreshing and tasteful Pitons at a restaurant in the village, Cecilia and I continued the climb with ropes and shortness of breath. At least I felt that the last six months’ lack of greater scheduled physical activity and increased beer consumption have left their mark on me. However, eventually after having had to use ropes in order to climb up the steep rocks we made it to the top with sweat pouring down all over. The top of the Petit Piton gave us a fantastic view of St Lucia and we could also see all the way to St Vincent. The way down was a lot easier than the way up and after Pascal had shown us some of the delicious local fruits that can be find in the forest the three of us joined the tipsy girls for some cold tasteful drinkable Pitons.

Today we have left Soufrière and continued to a little famous bay called Marigot Bay, in any time we will go limin’ with some locals. But before leaving you I would like to take the opportunity to send a special greeting to my aunt Agneta Lindström and Maria’s grandma Kerstin Ingerup who helped us sew the courtesy flags for the countries we are visiting now. Thank you so much! Love / First Mate

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  1. Agneta Says:

    Tack raringar. Det är så roligt att läsa om era äventyr och veta att ni har nytta av flaggorna. Många kramar från Agneta