Scuba Diving on Tobago

Now we have settled here in the little beautiful bay outside Charlotteville, a charming and very friendly little village on Tobago. So far here are no boat-boys driving around in their little boats refusing to leave you no matter how polite and friendly you are, saying no thank to their services. Instead, Tobagonian men tend to accept the fact that we don't always want to date them and are satisfied and smile back to us when we smile and say no thank you. Charlotteville is situated on the fringe of the rainforest and the surroundings here are absolutely stunning, we like it here very much. However, so far we haven't had time for any rain forest expeditions; instead we have gone back to school, this time another type of school, a dive school. Ever since I did two discover scuba diving dives in Egypt last year I have longed to learn how to dive for real. Maria hasn't been that keen on learning but I have got company since she decided to at least try. So now we are both really tired after a full day of dive theory, however we passed the theory test and to quote our dive master: "tomorrow the fun starts". Tomorrow we are going to practice the basic in a pool and then, if we can manage the scuba unit we will later continue out in the real ocean. Tobago is very famous for diving because of its astounding water clarity, enormous shoals of tropical fish and stunning corals, and hopefully, we will experience some of this. On the other hand, there are strong currents in this area which one has to consider and diving itself isn't without risks. We are aware of the risks and have signed up on a dive school where safety seems to be a first priority, and I am also pleased with the fact that we are fully covered by the insurance company Europeiska. It's still early in the Caribbean, but since it's getting dark around six o clock here, one's body tend to think it is bed time any time after that, so we are off to bed now, nighty night! /First Mate.

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  1. mamma Eva Says:

    Simma lugnt!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jag är så himla avundsjuk på er.
    /Peter Karlsson, Sweboat