New Years Party with Celebrities

New years afternoon we arrived in the Britannia Bay just outside the celebrity island Mustique. Luxury motor yachts and sail yachts were anchored together with more common looking sail yachts. After a while we managed to get an anchor spot in the busy bay, not far from the huge palace looking yacht Rising Sun, a 138 m yacht owned by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, and Skat, a luxury motor yacht with a helicopter onboard owned by Charles Simonyi, a former software engineer from Microsoft who last year married a Swedish girl in Gothenburg. The much longed for fresh water bath took place in the cockpit, so here we were taking a New Years bath with the help of a sink and the remaining fresh water in our cans. Little funny thinking about how we try to use as little fresh water as possible when our rich neighbors are taking fresh water showers after every bath.

After a nice dinner at the boat Maria an I were of to Basil’s Bar, the place everybody was talking about, and the place were Mick Jagger and other celebrities would celebrate New Years Eve. The place was crowded with celebs, namely our dear Norwegian, Italian and British sailor friends. Of course there were some “real” celebrities too like models and the daughter of Mick, Elizabeth Jagger. Mr Jagger himself never appeared though, but I heard from an American guy who had attended his party earlier that evening that the party wasn’t that fun, so I guess we didn’t miss something. We had a wonderful night with our true sailor friends and didn’t return to boat until early morning on New Years Day.

The tuna we would have wanted for New Years Eve dinner was caught one day late, but still tasted absolutely wonderful. A good start of the fish catching year 2010, we hope it will be a good year. By this I will also like to say Happy New Year and I hope you all have had a good start of the year 2010. We are now leaving St Vincent and the Grenadines and tomorrow we will enter another country, Grenada and the Grenadines. Over and Out! /First Mate

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  1. Ida Samuelsson Says:

    Gott nytt år söta ni!

    Massa varma kramar från kalla Sverige (Ida S)

  2. mormor Berith Says:

    Hej Sofia. Gott Nytt År. Hoppas ni har de varmare än vi har, fast idag är det "bara" -3. Allt är bra här i Ängelholm. Vi önskar er en fortsatt trevlig resa. Många kramar från mormor o morfar