Mega Flumride Experience

Today we left beautiful Tobago Cays and all the turtles and had a ”Hardcore-sailing” trip to get to St Vincent, where we will pick up our next guest, Jane. I called the ride a mega flumride experience, and I was trying to hit the best surf moves together with Cantare, while Maria and Sofia are moving around perfectly without any restrictions.

I have now been one week aboard Cantare and enjoying life with the fantstic crew and am getting in to the life of longsailers like Cantare. Fantasy-settings surround us every day, and the action of sailing, liming, snorkeling and swimming is a perfect mix.

Sailing around the Caribic with Cantare gives you more interesting views than just paradise-views, not that these wouldn’t be enough. Although we have one of the smallest boats, you even get a taste of the rich and famous, (the girls haven’t realized themselves but I am simply amazed), wherever we go people are coming up to us, asking if this is the boat with only girls, taking pictures and phrasing the crew and just like that we end up in nice situations like yesterday, with aperitif and dinner onboard a big French catamaran, where our new lovely friends treated us like Queens. We were Welcomed and waved goodbye with 12 guys singing our song Cantare.
I am just so proud of Maria and Sofia, they deserve every bit of attention they get!

Another view is the fact that this is a girl boat, which means attention in both good and bad ways. The other night the customs charged us extra, and referred to his colleges lower cost with ”That was incorrect, I guess he saw you and got a bit carried away”. Nothing helped in this discussion; however we reminded ourselves about the much nicer customs in Grenada, were we got invited for lunch!

The last weekend has been a bit of reunion in Grenada, Port Louis Marina, were the girls met their fellow boat friends from through out Europe. It’s been really interesting and relaxing ”liming” with all the longsailers. I have listened and learned how the talk goes. It mainly starts with questions about your route, about the last island and then followed with various technical questions regarding you boat and the equipment – that’s where I get Captain Ingerup.

Sorry for being bad on the updates, but life on Cantare is busy. We will try to keep you better posted! /Deckhand Cecilia

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