The farewell of the Owners

Now Maria's parents sadly have left us and the boat, it's been a pleasure hosting them onboard! However, I must say, and I think I speak for Maria as well, that we now have a lot more space onboard and the perfect number of people on Cantare is two while doing lazy sailings and three or maybe four on longer crossings. At the moment Maria and I are relaxing in la Phare Bleu Marina, a wonderful little spot in the southwest corner of Grenda. This is a perfect place for relaxation before we will continue a little further south, to Tobago, and later on will pick up new guests.

Here below follows a little farewell message from Helena. /First Mate

Now Anders and I have been onboard Cantare for nearly 2 weeks. We are no longer pink, instead we have adopted a light tan, even though we have constantly used sun factor 30 and 50! In the beginning our whole life was rolling, the boat kept attacking us all the time. If she didn't lean towards starboard, she leaned towards port side. If you went down in the salon, there were always some unexpected sharp-edged corners to bump into. Not mentioning how hot it is, believe it or not, my hands, nor my feet haven't been cold once! We have been 4 persons on a very small space, but everything has worked out fantastically good! Sofia likes spending time up one fore deck and Anders like it best behind the wheel. Maria and I are very good at getting stuck in an interesting book. Sometimes we have had our breakfasts on fore deck, and sometimes have we had them in our little cockpit. We have even had a movie night at anchor. We have seen turtles, a ray, flying fish, got mosquito bites and eaten personally caught fish. Now when we have learned to relax and parry the movements of Cantare is it time to say goodbye, with mixed feelings. It's going to be nice to be able to take showers whenever we feel like it and have more space, but we wont see "our girls" Maria and Sofia in 1/2 year. We know they will bring home lots of experiences. We are waiting for blog updates until we meet again! /Helena

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  1. asparagus Says:

    How lovely with lazy sailings! Looking forward to that...

    Här skrapar man bilrutor om morgnarna och hoppas på det bästa när man kör ut från snödrivorna.

    Puss & kram