Open Water Divers leaving Tobago

Position 2100 UTC: N 011° 25' W 060° 43'

Yes, we are finally open water divers! Yesterday we did the two final 18m dives, which went good, now we can continue diving on our own, it feels great! The dives took place at a famous dive spot called Little Tobago where we experienced amazing water clarity and stunning corals. Shoals of tropical fish swam around us and we also saw a turtle, a green moray and a barracuda. The huge ugly moray with its scary mouth came rather close and suddenly it tried to snap at my fins. Luckily it quickly disappeared after having realized my fins wouldn't be tasty enough for supper. Not only the fact that we had passed the padi dive course was a reason for partying yesterday, we had another reason. The other reason was to welcome Cecilia, our next visitor who has arrived and is going to sail with us for almost a month! We picked up Cecilia, or Cissi as we call her, the day before yesterday in Scarborough, a tired Cissi who had travelled for 42 hours on five different flights. That is what we are calling a true sacrifice for joining Cantare, we are so glad to have her here!

Yesterday we celebrated the open water cert and Cissi's arrival big time together with our new dive and sailor friends. We had dinner at the dive centre and then continued limin' pretty much all night long. After having spend as much time as nine days on Tobago (yeah, we liked Tobago very much!!!), we are now out sailing again. We are on our way to Grenada and the capital St Georg where we have been before. Not only the outstanding showers in Port Louis Marina are tempting, also the reunion with our old friends from Johanna and Time Out. We are sailing butterfly with our two fore sails and are doing good speed. However, it seems like it is going to be a rolling night without much sleep, Cantare is fighting the waves and we are all having a little strange stomach feeling. All right, the party last night may also have something to do with the strange feeling in our stomachs, we will see whether or not it is going to be some fish feeding to night. Nighty night! /First Mate

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  1. STINA Says:

    Hej tjejer ! Det är alltid lika roligt att läsa om era äventyr ! Idag har jag en hälsning från Marias farmor till er. Jag träffade henne hos frissan i förmiddags.
    Kramar från Stina (och Berne)

  2. First Mate Sofia Says:

    Åh, hej på er! Roligt att höra av er! Tack så mycket för hälsningen! Hoppas ni båda blev fina i håret! Ha det så bra och hälsa så gott till Berne! Många kramar från Sofia och Maria