Viking and DuoGen

We have decided to buy a Viking Rescue Pro liferaft, one of the best there is to get. This is not a decision made by me or Sofia, it's my dad's. The liferaft has to meet the ARC safety regulations, of course there are other less expensive rafts that do, but my dad wants to be sure that we have the best chance of survival if anything goes wrong. Who can blame him? Having his two dothers in the same yacht at the Atlantic Ocean, only the best is good enough. We have ordered the liferaft from Sjösäkerhetskompaniet in Stockholm, and it will arrive in a month or so. Hopefully it will be the least value for money gear.

We have also ordered a DuoGen 2, which is a wind/water generator. While sailing we can troll it behind us and get all the electricity we need for our fridge, lanterns, computer, gps and lights. When anchored we rise it up into wind mode and generate electricity that way. Since DuoGen is a fixed unit there is no long line with a heavy impeller. That makes it easier to get it out of the water and there is no risk of losing it to a hungry shark. This is also due to arrive in about a month. More pictures will come when it is mounted.

/ Captain Ingerup

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