Offshore Personal Survival Course - Day One

We started with a road trip, Friday afternoon, from Helsingborg to Hälleviksstrand. Loaded with popcorn and chocolate the trip went smooth. We picked up Sofia in Gothenburg and arrived one hour before the ferry was due to leave. Unloading the bagage we were surprised by how much things we had brought for just two days. How will we manage to store all the things we need for a year aboard Cantare? We have to make some definite rules about how many shoes and dresses each person can bring.
Saturday, we are posing outside the hostel, run by SSTC. Then it was time for the first class. A book about safety and survival is included in the course.
After lunch we did practical training, the pool temperature was 28 degrees Celsius. That was alright, but then it was time to try the sea, temperature 2 degrees. Cold! In the end of the day we took a test, the first of two. We all passed.

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