Crew training coming up

To prepare ourselves for the big adventure we have decided to take part in an ISAF Offshore Personal survival course at Käringön north of Gothenburg. This course his held by Scandinavian Safety Training Centre. There we will learn things like:

● liferaft handling
● storm sails
● fire precautions and fire fighting
● damage control and repair
● heavy weather –crew routines, boat handling
● man overboard prevention and recovery
● first aid
● search and rescue systems
● weather forecasting
● handling flares

We will do practical exercises with a liferaft, inflatable lifejackets and MOB equipment. This covers about everything the ARC recommends regarding crew training. On Friday the whole crew, including Emelie and Catrine, goes to Käringön for this exciting event. We are really looking forward to this, our first step as an ocean cruising crew, and we will tell you more and post pictures when we get back. / The crew of Cantare

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