More internet orders

  • Sea-me active radar reflector
  • Sounder to sea-me
  • Cruising Almanac 2009/2010
  • Navionics Gold - Europe
  • "Cyalume" sticks - for grabbag
  • Food rations - for grabbag
  • Liferaft fishing kit - for grabbag
  • Survival blankets - for grabbag

The ARC equipment regulations state that the liferaft should be equipped with the service pack for rescue after 24 hours. To save some money we have bought our Viking liferaft without this pack and intend to make the needed upgrades by ourselves and put them in the grabbag. Viking wants about 6000 SEK for the extra kit but we think we'll be able to get the things for less than 1000 SEK.

Today I sent an email to the American company asking them what's happening with my battery tray. They have promised to send it to me for free since they never told me that the VHF I ordered had been discontinued and replaced. But that was almost two weeks ago. I got a quick reply from my contact, but he didn't know where it was and had to call the factory. I just hope it gets here before we leave. / Captain Ingerup

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