Tiny water tank

The boat show was a real energy booster, and after a few recreational days in Gothenburg I took the train back to my parents and got busy with new ideas. I have, with help from my dad, built a tiny water storage tank. It holds 10 liters and has transparent plastic at one end. Why have we built such a small tank? In the bow, under the bunks, we have a water tank of 110 liters, but there is no visual way of knowing how much water there's in it. Thinking about the installation of the watermaker and how to know when to turn it of we came up with this idea. The water produced by the watermaker is led in to the top of the small tank, which is connected in the bottom with the bigger one, since the watermaker produces about 5 liters per hour we can easily see it fill up and make sure that we have as much water as possible but not more than the tanks can hold.

I am also doing a lot of other things on the yacht, changing the through hull fittings, changing the seal of our manual bilge pump. Making lee cloths for the bunks in the salon and some other smart storage solutions for the forward cabin. Photos will come when they are finished.

Today I have ordered a new extra GPS plotter, handheld GPS for the grab bag, handheld VHF for the grab bag and eletronical charts for the Caribbean from a U.S. company. Hopefully they will arrive safe and sound next week. If it works out we will have saved about 3000 SEK.
/ Captain Ingerup

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