• Waterproof grabbag (a red one) and a 20 l waterproof bag for cameras and valuables when going ashore.
  • Wetsuits 3 mm, might come in handy before we reach the Caribbean and for long snorkling and diving sessions.
  • Snorkel and mask for Sofia.
  • Foul-weather clothing, the trousers are specifically designed for woman, they call it zipped drop seat system, it seems genius. We will tell you more about how it works when we have tried it in real conditions.
  • Waterproof speakers for the cockpit.

We didn't buy any security equipment like liferaft, EPIRB, inflatable lifejackets, VHF or spare GPS for two reasons. Some of the things may become cheaper the longer we wait and we also want to be certain that we pick the right make and modell since they are our lifesavers.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looking good! And the "zipped drop seat system" sounds very interesting =)

    /Deckhand Catrine Ingerup