Painting the watermaker

The watermaker had some rust on the engine so i decided to spray paint it. The result, as you can see, is quite good. We have now installed the watermaker under the port side bunk in the saloon, but hoses are still to be attached.

Yesterday I received a ship notification saying that my package from the U.S. is on its way. I'm very curious to see the things.

I have also received some emails about the LPG availability in the Caribbean. It seems like Camping Gaz is available in the Antilles, but not in Cuba or Bermuda. No answers from the Bahamas or the Azores. But we have decided to go for mixed bottles, two Camping Gaz bottles and two (2 kg) Swedish bottles holding propane. Better being on the safe side. Both bottle types uses the same regulator and we will bring an adapter, for the Swedish bottles, that will make it possible to fill them in the Caribbean.

/ Captain Ingerup

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