The package

They have arrived! Finally, the things I ordered from the U.S. are here. But to get them I had to pay an additional fee of about 1900 Sek, sales tax, I didn't have a clue about that. Anoying, now we only saved about 800 Sek. But alright, I was happy until I checked out the handheld VHF. It wasn't the one I ordered. This one was a newer model with less battery life and it didn't have an extra alkaline battery case included, which was the whole point of buying a handheld VHF. We are going to have it in the grab bag for emergency use in the liferaft, where it isn't possible to charge it by 12 V. I have sent an email to the American company asking them to solve this problem, let's see what they answer. / Captain Ingerup

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  1. asparagus Says:

    And they should compensate you!!