Turning around

The Kielkanal (Nordostseekanal) is behind us, we are in Holtenau now. Together with Lina 4 we've had a couple of lovely days. Arne (the skipper on Lina 4) and I are seriously considering going the other way. We play music from the Caribbean and dream about warmer water, do we really want to return to cold Scandinavia? I'm not so sure. There is not much more than a week left of this adventure. Sandra and I have already started to plan a new trip, how about Cape Horn or maybe an Arctic circuit, the plans are big as always. Here in Holtenau we have met a Norwegian couple who have been on a circumnavigation for seven years, inspiration is close by. The others are watching football while I use the free WIFI. I think we have another perfect evening ahead of us, and it's a very warm one so I guess that if we drink enough beers Arne and I can pretend that we are back in the Caribbean. See you on the 10th or maybe not...

New pictures can be found here: http://picasaweb.google.com/SailingCantare/EnglishChannelNorthSeaAndKielcanal#

/ The Captain

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  1. peter Says:

    Det är bara du vänder på skutan, inget att tveka på ;-] Vi här hemma vill gärna ha mera blogg att läsa från dej. Hur ska vi annars överleva kommande vinter??? Har redan insett att det blir ett stort tomrum på nätet när ni kommer hem.

  2. First Mate Sofia Says:

    Haha, Arne, the rasta man:-) Diggar dina dreads! Hoppas verkligen Maria kan få med dig att gå "rätt sida Danmark" ;) puss

  3. Unknown Says:

    Härligt med stora planer Maria men inte med Sandra väl??tror inte hon ska runda cap horn...Kramar till er alla tre/ mamma