Real life

Why they call the land life real life I have yet to figure out. After almost a week in Sweden I still miss my life on Cantare. The first night in an ordinary bed was difficult, I couldn’t fall asleep, there were no water sounds, no movements and the air was dry and filled with pollen, which I’m allergic to. After one restless night I gave up and returned to Cantare, together with Sandra, Emelie and Alan (from Starfire) I sailed to our favourite harbour in Denmark, Hornbaeck. When the barbeque was loaded and the food was getting ready we could see the first lightning, the clouds were dark and threatening so we hurried back to Cantare. All of us were tired, when we’d finished the wine we went to bed. What a pleasure to fall asleep in Cantare’s fore cabin to the sound of raindrops on deck. When I woke up the next morning the others were barely stirring and it was already 11 am. Alan said it was his best night since he came to Sweden, I agreed. Although I tried to pretend that we were still on our big adventure I knew that we had to return to Sweden again. Back home real life according to my dad started two days ago, the alarm went off at 6 am and marked the beginning of my first work day. 8 hours in my dad’s workshop, welding, drilling and sawing, my feet hurt a lot when I was free to take a shower in the afternoon, I’m not used to standing up that much. The worst part though, everyone that came to visit laughed when they saw me and told me it was time to pay the price. Another thing that has fully hit me is how organized life is ashore, people plan ahead, not only for the coming week but months from now and they want responses to whether I’ll attend a party or not. The usual phrase, we’ll see how the weather is and if the wind is with us isn’t a good answer, they don’t seem to understand the concept of living for the moment. How I long for my real life, life on Cantare, freedom and adventure, when will I be able to get it back?

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