Now, bring me that horizon

After a few days with the lovely company of our Norwegean friends Lina 4 and Cintra, we were going in different directions after Aerösköping. It had been days with sun-drenched sailing, world cup games watched in harbour pubs and late dinners in Lina 4 with the never-ending supplies of sparkling wine that Arne kept popping. Lina 4 invited us out for dinner in picturesque Aerösköping on our last night together, with amazing food and an ending just as nice as the previous days had been. I have discovered that one of the upsides of sailing is that people of all ages and backgrounds meet.
The day after, we left for Köpenhamn, roads end for us on Cantare. As always, we bought lots of food for the last days onboard, including freshly smoked butterfish, shrimps and mussels in the harbour. The last leg was amazing. Sunshine over a calm sea, the quietness only disturbed by the many dolphins around us. Unfortunately, we immediately ran out of gas, so the treats we had bought were left uncooked. But, with a captain aware of the importance of sweets and snacks to keep her crew happy, we managed. I had a last swim from the boat just before arrival (we didn’t count on showers before going out in Köpenhamn, so it was also strategic), but the others didn’t believe me when I told them how warm the water was. We have had amazing weeks of summer onboard, and we are both eager to sail some more. Maria and I are already planning the next sailing trip, possibly with our own families by then. Who knows, long distance sailing just seems like something me and Erik haven’t seen the last of.
Köpenhamn greeted us good. Mooring in beautiful Nyhavn, we celebrated an amazing trip with snacks and beers before leaving Cantare for some city life. It was jazz festival in town, and an endless supply of restaurants and bars for sailors to enjoy. So, here our adventure comes to an end, and we will see Cantare in Höganäs on Saturday. And, of course, keep planning for some more sailing.

Love, Sailor Sandy

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