Day 20 - Things to Look Forward to Ashore

Position: 2034 UTC N 015° 27' W 055° 52'

We are now approaching land rather quickly, at the moment we have 310 Miles left to go and soon we will be able to smell land. Until then I will share with you some things I'm really looking forward to ashore:

  • Being able to stand up still, sit down still or lay down still without having to hold on to something in order not to fall and get more bruises.
  • Having dinner at a set table without having to hold everything. Nowadays we usually eat first and drink afterwards since we only got two hands available, one for holding the plate and one for eating.
  • Speaking of food, I'm dying for fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Being able to take a bath whenever you feel like it, (and not only foot baths in our water filled cockpit). Yeah, I know, we are surrounded by water, but it's unfortunately not that easy stopping the boat and jump into the tempting water, and especially not now when we are racing against Zahara.
  • Having more square meters to use than the climbing area of 7 square meters onboard. (our bath room included in the 7)
  • Having lots of people around me and reunite with all friends that have already arrived in St Lucia! Emelie and Maria are great and I love them, but now we need to see other people and get new influences.
  • Taking off my lifejacket and try to get rid of the funny tan it has caused. A kind of tan similar to the Swedish tan called "bonnabränna".
  • Washed, fresh bedding without sweat and salt water moist.
  • Not having to use earplugs while sleeping and not be bothered by the several disturbing noises onboard, of which Maria has told you before.
  • Last, but certainly not least, cold beers!

The above mentioned are only samples, I'm sure there are more. However, despite the fact that I'm really looking forward to go ashore, the 21 days and nights we have been on the Atlantic Ocean so far have been just amazing. It feels more like we have been out for a week than the actual three weeks. Let us hope that the remaining few days will work out just as smooth as the recent have. Until we arrive in St Lucia we are practicing a little arrival song I've come up with by changing some lines in an old Swedish melody. Feel free to join us singing!

Mel: För vi har tagit studenten.

//: För vi har korsat Atlanten, för vi har korsat Atlanten, för vi har korsat Atlanten, fy fan vad vi är bra!

Fy fan vad vi är bra, fy fan vad vi är bra, för vi har korsat Atlanten, för vi har korsat Atlanten, för vi har korsat Atlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanteeeeeen, fy fan vad vi är bra! ://

Tonight we are going to celebrate the last 48h increased speed with a glass of champagne in the sunset. I want to wish you all a very nice Lucia Weekend, and if you happened to be tired of all Christmas preparations, then take a break and have a look at and at the insurance company Europeiska's blog, where we have posted some updates! /Love, First Mate Sofia

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Heja tjejer

    Det går bra för er, strax er I i hamn.

    Race on get the Zahara, and send mere fotos av er alla 3.