Day 19 - Important Lessons

Position: 2030 UTC N 015° 59' W 053° '38'

After nearly 3 weeks at sea I'm finally starting to get a grip of it all. Some things, like how to handle the sails and how to adjust the monitor were I expecting to learn. I have also during these weeks learned some things I never expected, but almost just as important. Therefore I would like to share them with you.

¤ It is fully normal to mistake things for what they really are. Especially when you are at night watch, and a bit tired. A star can sometimes be mistaken for a lantern. The moon rising can look like a huge boat closing in on you , and a star falling can easily look like a flare.

¤ Using a headlight is not tacky. The headlight is a great invention and very practical. Sorry dad for all the times I have made fun of you. Next time you suggest a run in the forest late at night I will definitively wear a headlight.

¤ It is fully possible to do aerobics in tiny cockpit,. Even when it is high waves and 30 0 C. You just need good music and a friend that is just as restless as you are.

¤ After just a few days you will get new and improved skills. Before I could not catch a ball with one hand even if I concentrated really hard. Now I can catch a falling egg at the same time as I balance a glass of hot water in my other hand. This while the boat rocks me back and forward.

¤ If you want to catch a fish, start doing something important. Like for example write down your position in the logbook or start to take in sail. If you want to be really sure to catch a fish, hang the hook a bit above the water and go to sleep. Don't ask me why, but they seem to like it that way.

We are now doing great speed and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. We have managed to close in on Zahara and we are having champagne tonight. Our only problem the last 24 h is that we had to take up the DuoGen yesterday. This since it kept colliding with our Monitor, causing damage on the DuoGen. When we took up the DuoGen we discovered that Monitor's light wind vane was slightly damaged as well. We have therefore changed to the regular wind vane. After some adjustments it is now working just fine. /HUGS AND KISSES, Deckhand Emelie

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  1. mamma Eva Says:

    Sofia,Emelie tar kanske din plats här hemma i hönseriet.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Så himla kul det e att läsa allt ni skriver! I kväll har jag varit och tittat på luciafirandet i Ausås församlingshem, lika mysigt och stämningsfullt som vanligt. Jag förmodar att ni inte alls har någon julstämning där ute till havs... Stor kram från erika

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi girls,

    Nu går det verkligen undan. Var position (dag 19) verkligen korrekt? I så fall blev det ju hela 179.4 N.mile och det bör då bara vara 440 kvar. Heja!

    MVH/Gubben i Nyhamnsläge.