Day 13 - Stronger winds please

Position: 1200 UTC N 018° 39' W 040° 23'

It's 7.30 in the morning and I'm once again sitting in the cockpit locking out over the big Atlantic ocean. Maria and Sofia are down in the saloon sleeping. The sun has just started to rise and there is only a light breeze. Right now we are slowly bobbing forward, doing 3-4 knots. A perfect morning for meditation and watching the sunrise, but not as good for the competition. We have now had three days in a row with lighter winds. If it doesn't change soon we will have to remake the very beautiful countdown calendar, that Maria draw a week ago. The calendar only extend until the 15 December. In this speed we will not arrive in St:Lucia until the 17 December. That is at least one day before they close the finish line. But we are still positive to arrive earlier. If you know some great magic tricks how to get more wind, please send us a text message.

Yesterday we at least got to have our mid Atlantic party. Since we had such great fishing luck yesterday, we could celebrate with fresh fish and a bottle of champagne. Never had fish and champagne tasted so delicious.

Today we will continue to celebrate, since it is Sofia's fiction birthday. For those of you who hasn't read our previous posts. We have made up one fiction birthday each to make the Atlantic trip more fun. This will be celebrated with a luxurious scones breakfast and some movie watching later on tonight.

Hugs and kisses from

Deckhand Emelie

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  1. Freddan Says:

    Yup, om ni har sjögräs från Hawaii ska ni offra detta till gudarna så får ni vind, eller vänta... Kanske var det vågor för surfaren?

    Nått av det får man iaf.