A Sailor’s Look

Today I and my dear friend Elin, the girl with whom I am writing my bachelor thesis, where in Karlstad, a city some hours away from Gothenburg, doing an interview for our thesis. We had some time left before the train should take us back to Gothenburg. Being a girl, having some time left often means going shopping, or for me at the moment – going window shopping… Look what I found at MQ, a Sailor’s Look! So cool, the designer is a girl named Hanna Lindström who won a design competition called Fresh Fish, and got the opportunity to design an own collection for MQ. Her uniforms are so cool, I mean I almost bought the two remaining, one for me and one for my captain, but I realized that we perhaps have more important things to spend money on than fashion, (but really, who can spend too much money on fashion?!?) I tried to get the uniforms sponsored right away in the shop, but, no, they could not make a sponsor decision on that level, so I might try to contact the designer Hanna Lindström myself! What do you think, so classic, isn't it? And of course, if I'll manage to get them sponsored, the whole crew shall have one! /First Mate Ivansson

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  1. The Captain Says:

    I like!

  2. Deckhand Catrine Ingerup Says:

    Haha, schysst drag att försöka bli sponsrad på MQ!

    Jag tycker hela besättningen borde bli sponsrade med dessa outfits =)

  3. Sofia Says:

    Helt rätt Catrine!! Var nämligen bara två strl kvar...haha och först tänkte jag köpa en till syrran din i 25-årspresent, men vågade inte riktigt med storlekar. Men du har helt rätt, ska försöka få sponsring åt hela crewet! :)