Easter = Boat Work

Four long days, so much time for boat work. That was our mutual thought before the weekend. Now afterwards we are seriously thinking, (probably have decided), that the launching of the yacht has to be postponed. A few dinner plans stole some hours, still we managed to get almost 8 hours a day, but there are so many more things to do and we don't want to haste, we want it to be done the best way possible, and yes I am a perfectionist.

In an earlier post you have seen me doing new stainless steel washers for the keel bolts, now was the time to put them in place. Taking of the old ones we discovered quite big holes around the bolts. After checking with the B31 club we filled them with epoxy and tightened the nuts with the right torque. The next day Sofia came over and we did the plastic work, covering up the nuts and washers again. It was hard work, done on our knees, and it took us almost all day.

Then it was time for the "shitty work" I had saved for Sofia. She was to clean the waste pump and then exchange the rubber parts in it. It's nice to be the captain sometimes. To finish the day we had a well deserved beer in the sunset. / Captain Ingerup

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  1. Eva Samuelsson Says:

    Haha! Härlig arbetsfördelning ni har tjejer! Sofia behövde ju dock pröva på den andra sidan av seglarlivet också efter att ha posat på långedrags brygga så det kanske inte var mer än rätt ;-)