Photographing at Långedrag

Today, one has experienced one of the most beautiful spring days in Göteborg so far this year. I have been acting sailor model at Långedrag, haha. But I do have to admit, posing in front of a camera can be very much fun! A great photographer, named Anna-Lena Lundqvist, was taking pictures of me for a little article in the paper “Civilekonomen”. So keep your eyes open for the article coming up!

When I was playing model, Maria was playing with Cantare. Maria is together with her father doing an amazing work on the boat. She’s such a great captain, the best! But the captain has saved some “shitty work” for me… Easter Sunday I will celebrate by cleaning some parts of the toilet of Cantare, yummy! /First Mate Ivansson

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  1. mamma Eva Says:

    Ett perfekt påskjobb för Sofia./mamma Eva

  2. Kapten Maria Says:

    Haha...ja det tyckte jag också =)