A Small Greeting from Havana

I'm sorry we haven't been able to update our blog recently, but as I think you all know we are in Cuba, a country where internet only exists at some hotels. At the moment I'm sitting at one of those luxurious hotels in the middle of Havana city, and just paid a small fortune to get an hour internet to be able to do my tax declaration… I will also take the opportunity to let you know that we are all fine and have had a wonderful time in Cuba, the country out of the ordinary, together with the Norwegian boats Escape and El Mar! Not only has Havana been our destination, we have also visited Viñjales, a small little town in a beautiful valley in the western part of Cuba. The days here in Havana are spent city sightseeing and during the days in Viñjales we explored the stunning nature from the horseback and danced salsa and enjoyed Cuban music at night. As you might realize there is so much to tell about the adventure here, something that will have to wait another couple of days though, we are staying another two days here.


Time is ticking here but I have one more thing to share with you, Emelie has just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! The crew for the Atlantic crossing is gathered! We will go back home to Cantare in Varadero on Sunday and start preparing for the crossing! Now it is time for a welcoming drink with Emelie! Hasta Luego!!! /First Mate

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