Finally - a fish

Yesterday afternoon, while Sofia was uploading the post via the satellite phone, we could hear how the line was being dragged out from the fishing rod. We were all inside the boat getting ready for a movie afternoon and as the line continued to being dragged out I became stressed. I needed to get out in the cockpit before the fish took off with all our line. But there were cables in the way, I was trying to get my lifewest on at the same time as I ducked under the cable connected to the satellite phone. Sofia told me to be careful, though all I could think about was not loosing the fish. When I got out in the cockpit and back to the rod I tightened the brake, I had to tighten it a lot to get the line still, a big fish! We were all very happy about having a fish on the line and desperately wanted to land it. On our way to Grand Turk we lost two fishes, they both took off with the lures so I had bought two new pink and red lures in Cockburn town, one of them was now proving its worth. I could see the fish jump far behind us, it seemed yellow and was most likely a Dorado (also called Mahi Mahi and Dolphinfish). When I got it closer, which took a while since it was struggling hard to get free, we could see that it was a big female Dorado, maybe even bigger than the Dorado we caught on the Atlantic crossing. By the time the fish was alongside the boat Sofia was ready with hook, knife and vodka. On the second try she managed to put the hook through its body and landed it on the cockpit floor. It was bigger than the Atlantic Dorado, it took up the whole length of the floor and later we measured it to be 1,05 m. A new record! This was the first fish we have caught since New Years day and we much enjoyed having fish on the menu again. We had it for dinner yesterday and will have it for lunch and dinner today, they say fish makes you smarter.

We now have about 90 M left to Bahia de Vita on the northeast coast of Cuba, if we continue with this speed we will have to slow down or we will get there while it's dark. Tomorrow we are on Cuba! /The Captain

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ta er till Baracoa. Spenderade 1v där för ett tag sedan, grymt skön liten stad. Den har den bästa privata restaurangen också. Undvik San Antonio. Lite av vilda västern där och man lämnas inte ifred en sekund.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Aprils fools? Or is it really a big fish? :-)
    Knæk og bræk.
    s/y Heldigvis of Mariager