Mallorca – Seeing Summer and Yachts again

Last week I was very fortuned having the opportunity to experience somewhat summer again. I got a week off the hectic city life and managed to convince my very best friend Marie to join me on an unspecified charter trip to Mallorca. I had never visited Mallorca and really wanted to go there, not only because people speak well about travelling there, also due to the fact that Palma, the capital, is home to large marinas. In Palma de Mallorca a number of yachts gather to prepare before crossing to the Caribbean after having spent the summer in the Med. Among other yachts Varsovie was there. Do you remember Varsovie? The 100ft Swan we were lucky to go racing with in the Heineken Regatta on St Martin. (Sending an extra thankful thought to our Alaskan stalker for getting to know Varsovie’s Skipper Patrick on a dive course…:-) )

When traveling unspecified one can pretty much end up anywhere and the hotel standard can be awful, however sometime one can be lucky, especially off season. So were Marie and I. We ended up in the north of Mallorca in Alcudia on a very nice hotel in a large comfortable apartment with a luxury relax & fitness centre and enormous pool complex where we almost were totally alone.

One day we went to Palma to visit the city and the Varsovie guys, Skipper Patrick, and his crew: Ian, Inness and Alexa. So much fun seeing them again and being reminded of the fantastic sailing year I’ve just experienced. For Marie the visit in Palma maybe wasn’t as exciting as for me, but I think Marie, to some extent, got a greater understanding of the importance and meaning of sailing in my life.

Around the same time as we landed in Stockholm again Varsovie took off towards the Caribbean. Guess who is kind of jealous?!? I am, big time! Instead of feeling the breeze in my hair while sailing out of the Med I have spent almost 14 hours at the office today …. I wont complain about my working hours though, after a week of total relaxation and sangria drinking I had to get back in business. And by the way, besides sailing I’m starting to think that doing business is my other passion in life! Over and Out/First Mate Sofia

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