Seeing my Norwegian family again

The weekend in Oslo made me realize even more how much I miss sailing and my Norwegian family. It was wonderful seeing them again and we all got a fact confirmed, the fact that we all feel a little disoriented after coming home. Spending a year on a sail yacht do affect people, and I would say it has entirely brought good experiences. The tears of joy were close when seeing Escape, Odin, Safari, Johanna, Lina 4, Duffen, Blue Voyager and others again. Maria could unfortunately not participate in Oslo but will represent Cantare this weekend instead when El Mar will have a reuinon party! I wish it would fit in my schedule and budget to fly out to Oslo this coming weekend too, but too bad I can't make it. I need to focus on my new life Stockholm and all new projects up here. For those of you who don't know yet, I'm in Stockholm this autumn attending the foremost strategic sales education for future leaders and entrepreneurs, U Ventures Sales Academy.

I love Stockholm! I've been very fortunated and got a part in an appartment on "Söder" in Stockholm, the place to be! The education is tough, but very inspiring, after finsihing it I will hopefully be more prepared for the business career I'm aming for. I'm learning how to overcome obstacles and reach success in business. I still have my master in Gothenburg left though, and will finish it the coming spring. However, I think it is going to be hard leaving Stockholm for Gothenburg to finish school. Gothenburg is indeed very beautiful and I like the city, but Stockholm has another beauty, a beauty I appreciate very much. Stockholm is located on 14 islands and the direct water contact here is awesome. One can basically take a swim in the middle of the city and go sailing just round the corner. Of course, Gothenburg is a coastal city too, but more like a seaport and you have to travel a little while to reach pure nice swim and sail water. I wont become absorbed in comparing the two cities, my point is: so far I like Stockholm very much and looking forward to spending my autumn here!

Time to rush home from office, my sister Katarina is coming up from Skåne tonight to visit me!
Have a very nice second September weekend!
Love/ FirstMate Sofia

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