The Crew

Most yachts are sailed by men, we would like to change that!

The permanent crew consists of Captain Maria and First Mate Sofia, during some parts of the cruise we will be accompanied by friends (women of course) who come along for a once in a lifetime sailing experience. The longer crossings will hopefully be made with at least three persons in the crew.

Captain Maria Ingerup

Birthday: 8th May 1984
Hometown: Ängelholm, Sweden
Occupation: Surface Designer

Spent almost every summer during her childhood aboard a 26 feet motor yacht. Started to learn how to sail when the family bought a 17 feet sail yacht when she was 12. Later the family felt the need for a bigger yacht, sold the motor yacht and found the 31 feet sail yacht Cantare, a B31. When the time came to choose which high school to attend she decided on a sailing school and left home at the age of 16 to live on an island outside Gothenburg. Three months each year were spent aboard Sweden's largest sail yacht, a three masted bark named T/S Gunilla. Sailing an Atlantic circuit with Gunilla she has already crossed the ocean twice. Now it's time to do it in a much smaller yacht as captain!

First Mate Sofia Ivansson

Birthday: 18th February 1985
Hometown: Ängelholm, Sweden
Occupation: Student (Economics)

Her sailing career started rather recently although she has already sailed to Russia with the Swedish Scout ship Biscaya. Spent one summer vacation in the archipelago outside Gothenburg aboard a small HR Misil and last summer Sofia crewed aboard the captains yacht. They sailed to Poland from Höganäs in Sweden and back again via Germany. She has also made a trip with Cantare to Anholt and various other harbours in Denmark, tried winds of 23 m/s and practised patience when the enginee decided to take a break and the wind was weak. This will be her first voyage with longer crossings, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in dedication!

Deckhand Emelie Paulsson

Birthday: 13th May 1984
Hometown: Ängelholm, Sweden
Occupation: Store Support

Being the captains best friend from birth has no doubt influenced her and made her if not love at least like sailing a lot. She was there when Cantare was bought in Stockholm and sailed to the southern part of Sweden and she was there when it was time to leave home and start at the sailing school. Although she did have a period in her life when horses were more beautiful than yachts she has now come to her senses and decided to join us over the Atlantic and from the Azores to Europe.

Deckhand Catrine Ingerup

Birthday: 22th October 1986
Hometown: Helsingborg, Sweden
Occupation: Web Designer

As you probably can guess, considering the fact that they have the same surname, she is the captain's kid sister. She was also brought up in a marine environment and she does love sailing but one thing she never took to heart was being in charge of the yacht. That makes her a perfect deckhand, lot's of knowledge but no desire to make any decisions. But one thing she really wants is to sail to Cuba and hopefully we will be able to do that. Catrine will probably join us somewhere in the Caribbean and we will do our best to keep her as a crew member to the Azores.

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