Preparations - first weekend

I have started on a long list of things to do, about 64 posts right now. This weekend I began the preparations and gearing of Cantare. I took some photos of the interior which I will send to insurance companies in an attempt to get us insured over the Atlantic and in the Caribbean. There is no problem getting an insurance from Sweden to the Canaries but from there on it seems quite impossible. We have been in contact with all the Swedish companies and the German company Pantaenius, which is one of the most well known, but so far they have not been willing to give us more than a third party insurance. They say the yacht is to old and not worth enough. For us it still seems like a lot of money to loose if anything happens. Ecpecially since the yacht is not really ours but my parents. Hopefully these pictures will show them that although Cantare is more than 30 years old she is in good health and fit for the voyage.

I also started disconnecting the engine, which we will take out of the yacht and give a thorough check. While I was doing the interior work my dad built a staircase, very nice of him, to make it easier getting things in and out of the yacht. The last thing we did Sunday afternoon was lifting the engine out of Cantare, it was quite tricky and we had to disengage the generator and the starter. My dad has really embraced the idea of us sailing to the Caribbean and is now fully engaged in the plans for the preparations and we were happy with the results of the first weekend.

Next weekend is also devoted to Cantare. More info then.

/ Captain Ingerup

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