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Tonight I won an auction on ebay, this AIS receiver for 77£, in Sweden they cost a lot more. Since Emelie now live in England I can buy things that used to be out of reach. I'll send it to her and she will then send it to me, perfect.

Erik and I decided that we wanted an AIS for this summer's trip, since it's likely that we'll experience quite a bit of fog. But at the same time we started to discuss how cold it will be in Scotland. Is it worth it? Going north in the summer, shouldn't we be heading south to the sun? We googled the average temperature and found out that it's about the same as in Gothenburg. Summer in Sweden can be cold. But where can we go then? Netherlands, again? Or Cornwall, to visit Emelie and Alan? I am really looking forward to at least 4 days of continuous sailing, will that be possible if we are going the other way? I want open sea with little traffic and big soft waves (not that I'm so sure that's what the North Sea will bring). Anyway, let's save that decision for later on.

/The Captain

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    Come and visit Estonia! We have on the 23th June Wooden Ship Party at Sõru Sea Center and after that you can sail to Tallinn and I can show you the best places here.

    Kind regards,

  2. bloc hornet Says:

    great post, thanks for keeping us up to date

  3. Facebook Design Says:

    My vote is for Cornwall, for some reason I love it there and have nice memories of the place! :)

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  5. Martina Mikulić Says:

    Hello! This is such a great boat you have! I hope you have the best time with him. I love to go sailing, but I dont have that many opportunities.