Celebrating and Bathing on the Bay of Biscay

Position 45° 02' W 08° 33'

One can always find a good reason to celebrate! Today we have celebrated the fact that we have accomplished more than half of the distance to Baiona. At 4.53 this morning, British time, the GPS showed 269M, we had sailed half the distance! At the moment we have done 340M, 198M left, we are slowly getting there!

Today it has been absolutely calm and since we are not planning on spending a month on the Biscay we run the engine. However, the weather forecast predicts winds from the preferable north east so we hope we can sail again pretty soon! We have made the best use of the calm today, for example done a lot of cooking and baking and once even stopped the boat and got a refreshing bath. It is not every day one is bathing in crystal clear water that is 4000m deep! The bathing temperature of 22 degrees C was all right, at least 7 degrees warmer than the water temperature in Falmouth.

Furthermore, we have started to get the offshore sailing life to work very well. This time we are having 4 hours watches, much better than the 2 hours we had before. Now we can get more sleep on our off watch and the 4 hours of watch keeping at nights are quite easily done with a good sound book and the full moon as company. /First Mate

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  1. asparagus Says:

    Ahhh, sounds great!!!

  2. mamma Eva Says:

    Ni skrämde väl inte bort valarna och delfinerna när ni badade.