Goodbye Holland, see you later, hello France

The little town Willemstad with its 4000 inhabitants had a little bit more to offer than we first thought. We finally found some gas, and I made a Spaghetti Bolognese and served it with harricot vert and a head of cauliflower. A warm dinner was very much longed for and I cannot remember the last time pure boiled vegetables tasted so good. Later we had a baileys chocolate at a very fancy restaurant and the evening ended in a wine cellar with some Dutchmen and Belgians in their fifties, haha, we had a great time!

Before leaving Willemstad this morning our Dutch neighbours onboard Blue Pearl showed us the quickest way out to the North Sea. Thank you so much, that really saved us some time! Now we are moored in Stellendam and tomorrow we are going out to the real sea again, heading for Calais. The distance to Calais from here is about 120 M so if we keep an average speed of 4 knots, it will take us around 30 hours to get there. We’re planning on reaching Calais on Friday late afternoon in order to time the tides, but one never know when sailing. I am going to download some weather files now to make up to the weather we’ve gotten from DMI.

By the way, I’ve just talked to Johanna from the insurance company Europeiska about our guest blogging at their webpage. There will soon be a little summary (in Swedish!!!) of our journey so far, I’ll let you know where to find it. /First Mate

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  1. Casper Says:

    Hey girls,
    It was cool you visited me in the wine bar (Merlot in Willemstad ;)). Hopefully you will have a good journey!
    And remember to enjoy the little things!
    Good luck and have fun!

  2. First Mate Says:

    Hey Casper, cool you found our page! Thank for your good luck wishes and good luck to you too with your wine bar, the wine tasted great! :-)
    Sofia & Maria